Udipis Cruise: Hyderabad Loving Udipis Cuisine.

According to a famous Sanskrit proverb, “We are what we eat.” This proverb is very true because food is something we all enjoy and share. Having one of the most diverse populations in India, Hyderabad is home to many cuisines, with Udipi cuisine being the most adored. Despite Hyderabad’s reputation as a place for South Indians, let’s look at Udipi’s diversified culinary tradition and how it has made it a destination for everyone.

Udipis Cuisine is cruising around the world today, not just in Hyderabad. Now, before we can understand why Udipis cuisine is travelling to places and people are raving about it, we must understand what Udipis Cuisine is all about. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Origin of Udipis Cuisine.

The tale of Udipi cuisine dates back thousands of years to the beachfront of the Arabian Sea. Based on the Tulu AshtaMatha of Udipi, founded by Madhvacharya, it is strictly vegetarian. Krishna mattas, which are the roots of this cuisine, come from the Tulus.

Udipi cuisine consists primarily of grains, beans, vegetables, and fruits. Local ingredients and a diverse range of dishes are among the hallmarks of this cuisine.The sattvic culture, simplicity, and culinary brilliance of Udipi food are all part of the confluence of tradition and taste. In Udipis, food is served on banana leaves as a sign of ritualistic cleanliness and the basic kitchen principle. Quite the feel to the food, that’s for sure.

Hyderabadis Loving Udipi Cuisine:

It’s no secret that Hyderabadis love food, and this is made even more pleasing by the fact that Udipi cuisine is famous for its freshness and authenticity that have made it so popular. Today, Hyderabad is about techies, people who are always on the move, health-conscious, and need everything fast, which makes Udipi a perfect go-to food. That’s not all. It’s all 3 meals a day, so you’re not limited to just one meal. This is the place for all your food cravings, from delicious breakfast to fancy dinner. 

Having said that, you must think that Udipi caters exclusively to South Indian food. Here’s to breaking that stereotype. Despite its traditional roots, Udipi has modernized itself into various cuisines such as North Indian, Chinese, and some very delicious sweets that speak about different cultures. For the love of food that we Hyderabadis have, there is nothing better than the aroma of the food and the best service to make all of us love it.

To Conclude,

You should definitely try Udipi’s Upahar food if you are looking to satiate your taste buds with some delicious food such as Puttu or Mangalore Buns. This restaurant will definitely transport you to a different place while still keeping you here with its variety of food and menu options. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it? So what are you waiting for?  With so many locations closer to you, Udipi’s Upahar offers the best and freshest food. Visit with your family and friends today to enjoy the authentic cuisine.